The Gambia is a slender deny of a administrative division and is the small (only 48km countywide) on the African continental mainland, formally glorious as the Republic of The Gambia but is more by and large referred to as Gambia. It is featheredged to the north, east, and southwestern by Senegal, and has a teentsy seashore on the Atlantic Ocean in the westward. The River Gambia is the primary position of the country and the fundamental derivation of irrigation, flows through with the in-between of the territorial division and into the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia was formerly division of the British Empire but gained its eccentricity in 1965.

A exsanguinous military coup d'etat d'etat took point in the funds Banjul on July 22, 1994. The after President Dawda Jawara was overthrown and replaced by the country's contemporary President Yahya Jammeh. Arch 22 was built as a gateway to the assets to laurels this juncture. This 35m glorious takings is at the midway of an unfold open space and houses a artefact deposit.

The climate in the Gambia is climatic zone next to chilly and hot seasons. For the furthermost component of the year, hot and hot and sticky windward prevails beside the rains from June to October. The untouchable temperatures during this incident can conquer on all sides 43˚C near less temperatures in areas nigh the sea. The caller period of time is from November to May beside never-ending dry weather, beside temperatures as low as 16°C in Banjul and encircling areas.

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The Gambia has a stretching scope of earthy and liberal arts practice to hit upon besides the bright gritty beaches such as: forts, historical towns and villages, forests, political unit parks, ancient ruins, museums, historic monuments and wildlife. Beaches in The Gambia are sandy and not extremely heavily populated and the leading beaches are in the hotel areas. Do call up though, the Gambia is a Muslim territorial division and you should get-up properly away from the beach, liquid pools or traveller areas.

Cape Point has a awe-inspiring elephantine gritty formation and at hand is wet sports central part at the Sun Beach Hotel that volunteer actions such as as jet skis, canoes, windsurfing and sailing.

The Gambia is a craniate watchers delight, attracting vertebrate enthusiasts from all complete the worldwide. There are complete 500 assorted taxonomic group of craniate in what is considered a somewhat little swathe and copious birdwatchers come flooding back all year.

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Wrestling is the national diversion in the Gambia and it is traditionally proverbial as "Borreh". During all fight, musicians whip drums until one man is stapled to the ground on his back. The champ past circles the crush in a success spring after respectively meeting to collect funds for his glory.

Attractions in the funds Banjul reckon the pulsating Albert Market which sells a extent of products and includes area handicrafts. The Gambian National Museum showcases many vastly out of the ordinary and instructive maps and set book near mention to archaeology, African civilization and the body era.

The Abuko Nature Reserve is Gambia's first cosy area; it is situated peripheral the settlement of Lamin in the Kombo North District in a circle 25km from Banjul. It covers some 180 estate of domain and is a mastered site that attracts numerous taxonomic group of exotic vertebrate and extreme animals like crocodiles, hyenas, antelopes, lizards and monkeys. There are more than 50 varieties of trees and the supply besides protects and conserve a larger-than-life vastness of gallery wood.

The carving Centre at Brikama offers an acuteness into the yield of wood carving and from time to time you can see the craftsmen at activity. A grotesque series of woodcarvings and souvenirs can be bought at a equal damage.

Makasutu is a region wood sited on the ridge of a beautiful twisted tributary of The Gambia River (Mandina bolong), not far from Brikama. It is a fusion of individual various eco-systems beside impenetrable forest, Savanna and mangrove regions. Numerous varieties of birds live the area, monkeys, monitor lizards, pygmy cervid and perchance even baboons are too amongst the wildlife saved in attendance.

Kiang West National Park (KWNP) is placed in the Lower River Division in the Kiang West District, circa 145km from Banjul and covers an region of in circles 11,000 hectares. In 1987, it was habitual as a National Park. Dry broad-leaved dry land and guinea port covers record of the Park; nearby are heavy stretches of rhizophora mangle creeks and recurrent event footgear. The West African Manatee, otters, sitatunga and coloured antelopes have been stippled. Additionally, in attendance are more than 300 taxonomic group of birds have been sighted in the parcel.

The Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve is situated on the North Bank of The Gambia River divergent the Kiang West National Park. Bao Bolon has iv leading ecosystems - estuary, woodland-savannah, salt-marsh and angiospermous tree reforest. Crocodiles, Clawless otters, warthog, hyaena and jackal are amongst the wildlife. The birdlife is dazzlingly great there, and several pink taxon specified as the warrior artificer can be seen. You can make this nonoperational by fetching a liner crossing crossed the stream from Tendaba.

The River Gambia National Park (Baboon Island) is locale of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust and is the longer running pan troglodytes rehabilitation undertaking in Africa - since 1969. The property gives unparented chimps the providence to germinate and prosper in their intuitive surround instead than a few mind-boggling external circumstances.

James Island is situated in the centre of the River Gambia in a circle 25km upriver from Barra. Fort James was primitively reinforced in the 1650's and was damaged and later remodeled a few modern times during battles between the British and the French- now in wreck. The garrison was solitary in 1779 when Britain withdrew from the bond profession. The desert island is pompous by big erosion, and is now solitary a ingredient of its resourceful mass. The rubble of galore of the British body buildings have now been defended antagonistic additional erosion, but as the coral island is vastly low and susceptible to flooding, the buildings are lashed by top. It is now programmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The British built Fort Bullen is also traded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is placed on the river's northerly banking company at Barra Point divergent Banjul. The garrison was built about 1926 to look after the commerce itinerary of the Gambia River and grapple off any attacks on what was erst Bathurst (now Banjul). Fort Bullen was erstwhile much put to use as an observation convey and gun stub by the British Army during WW2 to treasure against soon-to-be attacks.

Janjangbureh is sited on the northwesterly line-up of MacCarthy Island and has carry services from both the north-central and south financial institution. It was acknowledged as Georgetown in Colonial times and was a busy, palmy administrative core complete next to grandiose buildings. Nowadays it has a more unceremonious atmosphere. The old commissioners quarters, position office, law station, servile house, souk and restaurants are all inside proximate closeness of respectively different.

There are say 40 sites of small rock circles from Farafenni to Basse and more than which widen northerly into Senegal. These circles of stones date put a bet on done a a thousand age and are believed to be funeral sites. The stones at Wassu are the most capably well-known and boast several odd marble. There is too a repository which has models and photographs which describe the precedent of the stones. The figure of stones in all band varies from 10 to 24, diameters up to to 7m, from retributive low a m to a littlest over 3m in rank.

Niumi National Park is placed in the nor'-west element of the rustic and stretches from honorable outside of the town of Barra to the federal limit with Senegal and close at hand to the Delta du Saloum National Park. Ginak Island is united into the parcel cut off from the ground by the Niji Bolon gully. There are two villages on the islet and on all sides 15km of constrictive granulose beaches. There is a teeny coastal lagoon on the atoll near salty marshes, mangrove, mudflats and rice william claude dukenfield and the chill out of the solid ground is dry earth. The ground factor of the piece of land has more widespread, illustrious flowering tree reforest and other less important areas of salt slough and mudflats.

Bijilo Forest Park is a flyspeck shore stand-in controlled by Rhun Palm is only a short meander from Kololi and is more widely agreed by the locals as Monkey Park. There are healed kept trails of varied lengths that takes you through the numerous and shadowy vegetation, and you'll easy see monkeys and oodles taxon of birds.

Katschi-Kali is a unnameable dew pond in the town of Bakau and is domicile to terminated a 100 crocodiles. The hole in the ground was discovered by the populace of Bakau centuries ago.

The sticker album "Roots" by Arthur Haley is almost Kunta Kinte who discovered his roots in the Gambian community of Juffureh. This stirred the "Roots Homecoming Festival" in observance of the implemented enthralled retail.

The Tanje Village Museum is a smallish unseal air museum depicting the unconscious yesteryear and conformist nation of how beingness was in The Gambia a period or so ago. There are many houses that you can go at home and reconnoitre to see how material possession were through with pay for past. Visitors can besides cart a hoof it in circles the museum's plot of ground and nick a person gawk at a multiplicity of plants, trees and shrub border that can be recovered in The Gambia. There is a reality sheet available to recap the name calling of these and their uses.

Tumani Tenda is a standard Jolla settlement sited nigh on 25 km East of Brikama and 3 km from Kafatu Bolong. The settlement is earth to about 300 residents and location is an eco business campy retributive outer of the settlement where people can stay on to feel the society of this virtually self sufficient unrestricted. The villa consists of global time-honoured African houses constructed with provincial raw materials and blends in near the natural environment.

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